Your step-by-step guide to feeling powerful and in control when dealing with the most toxic personality on the planet!

The Only 4 Hour Crash Course Taught by Top 1% Attorney, Rebecca Zung, and That Takes You Step by Step From Where to Begin All the Way to a Win.

How This Course Will Help
You SLAY Narcissists!

Are you an entrepreneur, salesperson or corporate executive who feels like your business is being held back due to narcissists and difficult personalities?

Doing business with easy people is well… easy. It’s the toxic, egotistical, and power hungry people who make your professional life miserable.

They can be incredibly manipulative, twisting everything you do and say. They can use intimidation tactics and can even be verbally and/or mentally abusive.

These types of personalities also love to move the goal posts- resulting in long, drawn-out negotiations and many hours/dollars wasted!

The worst part?

They not only make your life miserable; but ALSO affect your bottom line. They cost you sales. They cost you contracts. They cost you deals. They cost you clients. Overall, they cost you lots of money and time.

To combat this, I've designed an exclusive system just for you.

S.L.A.Y. Your Negotiation with a Narcissist in Business is a rock solid methodology that will get you from being burnt out from losing deals to feeling triumphant as you walk out of every negotiation you step foot in to.

Are you ready to shift the dynamic and go on the offensive instead of constantly feeling like you're on the defensive? Then this is for you!

📌 The ONLY program personally developed by a Top 1% attorney who has worked with narcissists that actually walks you step by step through how to ethically manipulate the manipulators into giving what you want

📌The S.L.A.Y. Method© provides you an actual framework to work within, so that instead of feeling helpless and abused, you will know exactly what to expect, how to drive the outcome you want instead of being driven crazy

📌Discover how to create a real strategy and leverage so that you can be two steps ahead of the narcissist at all times

📌Finally stop being a victim to their narcissistic rage, gaslighting, and trauma, by turning the tables and being the one to control the process

S.L.A.Y. is actually the framework, the methodology the GPS:
   S stands for having a Super Strong Strategy,
   L stands for having invincible Leverage,
   A means that you will be Anticipating what the narcissist is doing and being 2 steps ahead of them at all times, and
   Y stands for focusing on You and your case.

 See you on the inside, NarcSlayer!  
SLAY Your Negotiation™ Will Get You What You Want!
  • ​Achieve winning results in all of your negotiations even with the most difficult and abhorrent people 
  • ​Master the art of influence through communication 
  • ​Grab the edge and enhance your bargaining power by learning how to analyze the situation and create powerful strategies and tactics
  • ​Get the ultimate resolution that you want with ease 
  • ​Become a skilled negotiator
  • ​Exponentially increase your business, profits and bottom line
  • ​PLUS BONUS MODULE:  POWER POSITIONING:  Using NLP to Remove Psychological Barriers to Success 
Internationally Renowned Motivational Speaker,
Bestselling Author and Thought Leader

"Do exactly what Rebecca says!"

Rebecca Zung is one of the most tuned in people that I’ve met. I operate all over the world so I know what’s out there in the marketplace. What she’s offering is so valuable that you must work with her. Regardless of how despondent you are or your situation is. Everything in your life will change!

Editor in Chief and Publisher
Chicken Soup for the Soul

"Negotiate your way to a win!"

I have read tens of thousands of stories about every kind of human behavior and emotion and one of the worst that we have to face in our lives is our in our interactions with narcissists. What I love about what Rebecca does is that she teaches you how to negotiate your way to a winning outcome.

Trial Lawyer
Founder of Legal Zoom

"Worth its weight
in gold!"

Until now, a productive dialogue toward resolution has been lacking because there haven't been the right tools. Whether you are a beginning negotiator or a seasoned one, she provides specific tools so that you can avoid critical mistakes, and ensure a winning outcome.

Course Curriculum

Module 1 Intro to SLAY Method - Let’s Crush This Negotiation - What If? 

Module 2 - “S” Creating Super Strong Strategy

Module 3 - “L” Creating Invincible “Magic Bullet” Leverage

 Module 4 - “A” Anticipating What They are Going to Do & Being Two Steps Ahead of Them

Module 5 Focusing on YOU, Your Position and Your Mindset (Overview) 

Module 6 Wrap Up - What If? 

MODULE 5 - Bonus Section - Create Fierce Documentation and Transform It
Into Magic Bullet Leverage


MODULE 5 - Bonus Section - Create Fierce Documentation and Transform It
Into Magic Bullet Leverage





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More Praise for S.L.A.Y...

Praise for SLAY Your Negotiation with Rebecca Zung

About Rebecca...

Rebecca Zung is a Narcissist Negotiation Expert and has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report as a top 1% attorney and "Best Lawyer in America", and as "Legal Elite" by Trend Magazine. She has been recognized by her peers and the judiciary as AV(c)- the preeminent rating in family law- by Martindale Hubbell. 

Her journey wasn’t always easy. She was married at 19 for the first time and had 3 children by the age of 23. By the time she decided to go to law school, she was a divorced single mom. Rebecca went from a college dropout, to becoming one the most powerful lawyers in the country at the helm of a multi-million dollar practice. She is now committed to sharing her secrets and empowering others to live their lives successfully- both professionally and personally.
She is the author of the bestselling books, Negotiate Like You M.A.T.T.E.R.: The Sure Fire Method to Step Up and Win and Breaking Free: A Step-by-Step Divorce Guide for Achieving Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Freedom. She has also become a highly sought after media contributor.

She is continuing to serve through her online programs- SLAY Your Negotiation™ With a Narcissist and her Breaking Free™
Divorce Masterclasses. 
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